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Exercise Class in the morning….Singing and Dancing in the afternoon. Time for a quiet sit-down and a nice cup of tea…


Men at work….



You may hear some building noises when visiting Rose Lodge. We are making good progress on refurbishing rooms including installing new en-suites. For these two rooms there is the added benefit that the bedroom doors will open directly onto the lounge, which can really help some residents to orient themselves when they leave their bedroom. 

Plumbers are also in to install two new boilers which will give us a fully redundant system (if one boiler goes down we still keep warm),  and make space for our kitchen upgrade later this year.


Piping in the Haggis


We are very multicultural at Rose Lodge, to the point where a Belgian Gentleman recited the poem for Burns night, to the sound of Scottish music.

Tuesday Music Singalong

This afternoon Rose Lodge was filled with great singing voices and the music was selected by the residents. As you can imagine there were some clear favourites which we sang more than once  🙂 

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And the Award goes to…….

Globe, BAFTA and OSCARS are interesting. Today though Maslen held a ‘2012 Rose Lodge Oscars Ceremony’ during the Drama Club. Awards covered many categories such as Best Dramatic Performance, Best Comedienne and Best Comedian, Best Presenter, Best Singer and Best Dancer,  etc …… Here are some of the postcards from the awards.


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