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Merry Christmas to All

Christmas has finally arrived. This afternoon a group of 15 residents, relatives and friends welcomed Christmas at the Holy Trinity Church crib service. The church was packed and the service was wonderful.

Big thanks to everyone who made it possible (you know who you are :-D) on behalf of Dennis, Harry, Rene, Clare, Sylvia, Ethne, Meg and Joy.

Later tonight most people watched carols from the King’s College in Cambridge (I watched it too, wonderful)….

To all friends, supporters and families – have a wonderful Christmas from everyone at Rose Lodge.




Christmas service and carol singing

This morning residents joined in Christmas service and carol singing. Thank you Pauline!



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Christmas party special!!!

Saturday afternoon turned our home into a massive event venue. The famous Christmas party for residents, staff and relatives featuring music, singing and dance (we cannot have a party without dancing – so many people love it), Santa and Elf, pinata, Christmas Raffle and Christmas buffet and Mandy’s another beautiful Christmas Cake creation.  

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Pre-Christmas Cultural Afternoon

This afternoon, with a lounge full to the breams, we all had the pleasure of watching a theatrical recital presented by Maslen and two of her actor friends. Poetry, scenes from plays and novels – everyone was captured and not a sound could be heard! Thank you Maslen 😀

As of today all 4 Christmas trees of assorted sizes have been beautifully decorated by residents and staff. Christmas trees look stunning and carry their own themes – silver, golden and white, red/green/gold. Tomorrow table Christmas decoration will be prepared by the residents as well. Just as well, the party is this weekend.

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Christmas is ….


….burning wood wearing your Chrismas hat. Well, why not ?