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Archive for November, 2012

Do you fancy a game?

Ball games are popular with the ladies; sitting down or standing up. Mostly it is a good laugh trying out new ways or throwing the ball and tricking the receiver; it is also a great social occasion where you can talk and have a break over a cuppa:)


A very very wet Tuesday

Crazy weather continues outside and inside this morning fitness club took over. Ethne enjoys joining the club and finds it amusing watching people doing strange things with their bodies. She does like Mick our instructor and some gentle exercise is a bonus:)

Gents show that we do not loose the skills learned ages ago – they have the boxing moves and postures. Ladies are learning and approach the pads with caution:)



Which cat are you

Clare loves animals and enjoyed looking through our collection of cat books and talking about cats. We then played a ‘which cat are you’ game. Gavin turned out to be the tiger and Clare was the black cat with amazing bright green eyes; Clare also decided that the ginger one was me. Meg was a cute kitten. And which one was Peter?


Rainy days

It may sound surprising, but most members of our community are so used to being busy outside they get itchy feet quickly when it is pouring down with rain with gale  storm winds. Today gents decided that they need to do something useful and with Ethel took over laying tables. 


Our community

People get to do the simple things they would have done at home. Ladies love  getting the tables ready for lunches and tea. Thank you Doreen for today, tables looked lovely. The gents move the furniture after our exercise classes.