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Archive for November, 2012

A typical morning

Just another quiet Friday morning at home – the walkers are out for a ramble while today Chanda and Joy are setting up a busy hour or so of skittles, ball games and chair exercises (and above all fun) including, yes you guessed, moving the furniture. Joy, June, Clare, Eileen, Doreen and Sylvia had fun playing ball games and doing chair exercises; as it turned out today nobody was in the mood for skittles 😎




The cat’s life

This conversation could have easily gone like this.    “Where is it gone? It was here with me just now. I cant see it anywhere”   ” Oh, the little one, so cute….. Where is she, it is dark outside….. “

Sylvia and June love the cats and are often found looking for them around the home. And while they are looking, Bonnie is playing.

Getting both Bonnie and Archie was the best thing we did. Sometimes it feels though like two cats is not enough.



Exmouth at Sunset

Unplanned bonus this afternoon for Ethne and Meg was seeing the orange sky and sunset as we set off on our short walk. Ethne, wrapped in blankets, looked like a colourful snowflake. She enjoyed it and asked to stay out longer 😀


Express Yourself

Isn’t it great when you happen to be in a place where people live as  unique individuals,  it just feels good and natural to be together and we think of the people that surround us as friends? I think our community is just like that and was reminded of that again this afternoon. Take something seen frequently like live music, put it in Rose Lodge and you get something amazing and special – every session is different and one cannot predict how it will evolve as it depends on how everyone feels. Postcards from today say it all. John and the team create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy these afternoons.



Active Living

Our active living programme changes throughout the year and reflects main seasons. With autumn well under way and early signs of winter frost we cannot spend as much time outside as we do in the spring, summer and early autumn. Having said that we still ensure we go out to stretch legs, get some fresh air and meet other walkers/their pets/or babies:)

We updated our schedule which you can see below. At present we have 7 people who specialise at the various elements of the active living programme. Members of the care team also play an active role in the programme. (click on the active living programme to see a larger image)