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Archive for August, 2012

In praise of babca

This week Joanna and I are on our annual pilgrimage to stay with Joanna’s mother known as Babca (grandma).

Babca is a complete inspiration to me. She leads a very simple life and much of the day is taken up with the daily activities of gardening cooking and cleaning. There is almost a monastic quality in the precision and passion that she puts into everything she does. And, probably most important for her, she provides a space for her family to come and decompress from their hectic lives. For Joanna and I this has meant we haven’t smoked for three days sofar (though by the look of it the cravings haven’t stopped yet). Thank you Babca!



Fitness craze continues

Our recently added fitness class run by Mic from ‘Commando Concepts’ has been a great success. Although aimed at men, it is also attended by Meg, Joy, Sylvia and Doreen.

What makes it a success? For men it is the male company and the challenge of exercises which would be hard for ladies to do. Mic also creates a fun environment – there is the male banter, the challenge (today Dennis was using the heaviest of the weights we have had so far) and the bonding. Mic told us that we are by far the fittest out of his other groups  😀 With yoga and summer sports (bowling) we will be getting fitter! 



Bowling Competition

Sunny Monday was a great opportunity for us to be in the garden. There were a lot of residents enjoying the different parts of the garden from shady pergola with wind chimes, the terrace to the lower garden which turned itself into a bowling competition venue. Three teams, score kept by Chanda. And the winners were Dennis, Harry and Joy.On another note we noticed that gentlemen are taken back by the scores our ladies get – Joy, Doreen, Clare, Sylvia and Clorin.



New addition to our zoo

Rose Lodge was recently adopted by a young seagull; it discovered that our pond provided plenty of food in addition to extras thrown by the residents:) With the doves, grown seagulls and chickens we often enjoy a symphony of nature’s music 😀

Postcards from Sunday

A wonderful lazy, enjoyable and sociable Sunday. Our garden works so well these days and becomes the centre of our social life. The pictures say it all.