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Archive for July, 2012

Dancing Men

Our music Tuesday continue to change their shape every week. This week, our dancing floor was blessed with great male dancers which ladies enjoyed. And men enjoyed their company and a good laugh.


Happy birthday Ethel


Nice work Harry!

Harry has been busy as usual. He has created a new flower bed, levelled out the lawn, and now he is sifting an old pile of soil to make some wonderful potting compost for next year’s gardening. What an inspiration.

20120718-104850.jpg 20120718-104447.jpg

Bumper Crop and Ethel’s green fingers

Despite too much rain and not enough sun, our red and lack currant bushed produced good crop. Ethel’s green fingers gave us a box of goodness form residents’ pudding. Thanks ethel!

Harvest and Ethel’s crumble

Yes it has been wet, however, we are managing to grow some fruits and vegetables. Today Ethel prepared rhubarb and apple crumble for tea (yummy Ethel!) and Doreen carrots for lunch (Tracy did appreciate the help we heard 😉