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Archive for July, 2012

Attention Fitness Enthusiasts

Our daily activity schedule is getting even busier. Three weeks ago, our gentlemen and Doreen did a test drive of a fitness class run by a Royal Marine fitness instructor from Exmouth, Mike. We got the thumbs up from everyone. Having male company was a factor I am sure and an incentive.

The fitness class with Mike is every Tuesday at 11am and is in the garden unless we are rained off. This will run in addition to the gentler Yoga we have on Friday’s afternoon. This week was the second class with Mike who introduced weights which everyone liked a lot, including the ladies!



Jazz in the Garden

We  had a great afternoon today with a young band playing their music in the garden. The Marzec Group played jazz, their own tunes and requests from the audience. Thank you Wim for sorting out the sound and Chanda for her songs.


Barbeque time

Happy 80th Birthday Doreen!

Family, friends, a cake, and dancing. Could you have a better 80th Birthday ?


And then there were seven..



We are beginning to work out how to get the hotbins working to quickly compost our food waste. The trick seems to be to mix in plenty of dry wood-chip and not to open the bins more than twice a week. When mixed with wood-chip we have a wheel barrow load every day, so we needed another three bins. They aren’t quite getting up to full temperature yet (about 40 C) but they are smelling sweet and doing the job! Can’t wait for some proper compost to drop out of the bottom. The contraption on the right is Wim’s ‘Heath Robinson’ wood-chip drying contraption.