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Archive for June, 2012

Men at work – again!

Harry and Wim are making a start on our new bowling field by clearing a previously fenced off area which is now redundant. This area was basically a garden rubbish heap, filled to the brim with pruned wood and soil. Over the past couple of months Harry has been busy clearing out the old wood and burning it in his fire pit, and redistributing the soil around the garden. Soon we will be able to seed this area and use it to play English bowls.

Harry has also recently cleared some old shrubs and created a new flower bed, so if anyone has some spare plants then please bring them to Rose Lodge for Harry to plant out in the new bed.



We are all here determined to have summer this year. Against all odds we continue to have lunches on the terrace and a BBQ even if it means sitting in coats – how British 😉

It is well worth it even if eventually we retire indoors.


6 white doves

A month or so ago we bought 6 white doves to bring additional interest in the garden for our residents.. We kept them under a net for a few weeks to ‘home’ them and last week we set them free. Since then they have stayed mostly on the roof but they do come down to the pergola for feeding. In the evening they stay in their dovecote which is really sweet. Wim constructed a large table underneath the dovecote to keep any cats away from the doves while they are sleeping there. So far so good – I counted six of them this morning.



Anti-cat device seems to work - sofar


Sitting pretty on the dovecote

Living well with dementia..

I gave a talk today about living well with dementia, to a group of carers in Teignmouth, in support of the national carers week. It was quite an emotional discussion  for all of us including myself, and an opportunity to explore and explain some of the principles that underpin our work at Rose Lodge, and that can be adapted by home carers.


A choir or….

Every activity can become something more than it is by itself. Our residents help to get the room ready for the choir practice. Gents moving tables and chairs, and ladies tidying up the carpet.