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Archive for May, 2012

The perfect morning

A one-to-one beauty pampering session gives a massive boost to how we feel. Doreen was no exception today – facial, manicure, make-up and hair. Thanks Teri!



Game on!

A number of our residents used to play sports regularly in the past. Our new garden and activities programme allows them to re-discover sports they loved in the past (like Sylvia and  Clorin) and for some to find new sports they now learn and enjoy.

Beautiful sun today gave us a morning of bowling  which soon attracted a few supporters.

Clorin and Sylvia show how it should be done:)


A winning smile that says – I still have it!

New throwing techniques were allowed by experts and delivered surprising results. Congratulations Doreen and Clare!




The power of music

Our live music sessions create very special spontaneous moments and Tuesday was no exception.



May I help you?

Helping or caring at Rose Lodge is not always exclusive to certain people. One could argue that it is especially powerful when coming from a fellow resident.

Relaxing tense muscles… 

Sorting out a stuck shirt…. 

Pushing a trolley with picnic lunch …..

Helping a friend in a wheelchair ….



Rose Lodge in Bicton Park

Our annual spring trip took us this time to Bicton Park. With rain coming down all week we were terribly lucky to wake up to a sunny Friday. We got thumbs up from everyone – we all enjoyed the gardens, the museum and the picnic lunch (thank you Tracy for the yummy  food).