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Archive for May, 2012

Rose Lodge in Sidmouth Pavillion Theatre

We made it! More than half of our residents arrived at the pavilion theatre today to see ‘There will always be an England’ show. The show is part of our Diamond Jubilee celebrations programme. Full of well known music and songs and culminating in the last night of the proms.

Many thanks go to the whole team (staff and residents) for making this trip possible – a coach and our Rosemobile (what would we do without it!). The feedback on the way home was thumbs up.

Our Diamond Jubilee celebrations include a dance tea party on Saturday 2nd June and trips to join jubilee celebrations in the Manor Park in Exmouth.

Our garden design in use

It has been two months since we opened our new garden and it is a good time to see if our design works. It has been particularly good to observe the use of the garden over the last few weeks since the weather improved..

The use of different garden areas for different purposed is working so far and no doubt will evolve over time.

Our party/relaxing area works particularly well as it allows people to enjoy time in a big group and offers a quiet spot under the pergola to listen to the ‘garden sound’ in a cooling shade. We use it for our live music and dance afternoons, lunches on the terrace, light gardening or just a get together.


Our game/play zone is a great success and our residents and staff love it. It is used for sports, yoga,drama as we hoped it will. What is more it creates more distinct areas that offer a different experience for people and we can see it draws out people that would not have used it before.

Getting to know the rabbits.


A cool corner with a full view of the garden and home

Choir with its own audience


 Yoga and sports


A impromptu morning coffee and a chat

 Work area used for more intense gardening and on Tuesday with the Beacon School. The use will grow in line with summer season and especially when we have things to harvest – gem lettuce, strawberry and redcurrants will be first in line!


The big day

On Saturday Brian was the proudest a father can be when he walked his daughter to the altar in Bristol. Big thank you to Phil, Sarah and Jo who went with Brian in their own time from Exmouth.



Welcome Paul

Our yoga sessions continue to be well attended. Today Paul joined us for the first time. We are looking forward to seeing you again next week!




Awww Archie

Archie is feeling quite sorry for himself after a visit to the vet. It seems he was bitten on his tail and had developed an absesess. The contraption around his neck is to stop him lick the wound but this also means he can’t defend himself so he is not alllowed outside. So for the moment he is recuperating in our flat but we will return Archie to Rose Lodge in the next couple of weeks.