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Archive for April, 2012

Spring has arrived?

After all the rain, a sunny warm day draws our gardeners for potting and general tidying up.

Nothing better than a cuppa with friends to finish the day’s work off.It is great to see now how the new garden design attracts more people outside.


Catching April’s sun

With the weather as it has been this month, enjoying the sun became a hunt! As soon as the yoga was finished and the sun peaked through we were out enjoying our new garden.



Rose Lodge Ramblers are alive and kicking

Neither spot of rain or wind stops our ramblers from enjoying fresh air and of course a cuppa at Harbour View Cafe

Secret Talents?

Flower arranging is not as easy as one would think especially when the end result looks so good.

Thank you Ethne!

Making friends

Time away with new friends over a cup of tea….

Cathy joined us recently and enjoys outings with her new friends.