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Archive for February, 2012

No singing today

For some reason there was no singing at the Brixingon Church today. So the singers went to the beach instead and met a lovely little dog.

Back to normal

We’ve had a quiet couple of weeks as we had a bit of a bug at the home – nothing serious but regulation required us to ask visitors to stay away until the bug was cleared. Normal service has resumed again this week – with singing and dancing of course!

As easy as 1-2-3

Everything’s easy when you know how, It didn’t take long for Robin Wearn and his colleague to take down a massive connifer in the drive. Rita approved as it now floods her room with light (and she can see people come up the drive!)

Living and working together….

At Rose Lodge we are much inspired by David Sheard’s work on dementia care. One of his themes is about reducing the barriers that can exists between carers and residents. Uniforms are one such barrier. They can make residents feel they are in some kind of instituation such as a hospital (and wouldn’t that make anyone feel ill and somehat passive ?). And it can also make carers feel more detached than we want them to be at Rose where we encourage real relationship between carers and residents, and our aim isĀ  to create an environment where residents and carers live and work together. Not quite like home, but more like a homely social club where you can stay the night.

A few weeks ago we started a trial where care staff wear normal clothes instead of uniforms and my sense is that this is already helping to create a more supportive and comfortable social environment for the residents.

Like today, when carers and residents were enjoying each other;s company during a craft activity. Lovely!

Our Activities programme for Spring 2012


We have added Yoga to the programme a few weeks ago, which is going very well. Art isn’t on the programme as a specific activity, though several residents do practice their art at Rose Lodge. If anyone knows of an art teacher who would like to lead an art class once a week then please let us know.





Helping around the home

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Helping around the home

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Helping around the home

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Helping around the home

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