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Archive for December, 2011

The great Rose Lodge Christmas Party….

……..was better than ever! A full House with lots of family, lots of dancing, Christmas presents, a raffle and some fantastic food. Phew!

Thank you Exmouth Windows

We are really pleased with the service that Exmouth Windows has given us over the past few months as they help us to make Rose Lodge an even better place to live and work. Over the past couple of weeks they have installed a new window in the kitchen which brings a lot of light into the kitchen and also helps to keep the kitchen cool while keeping the flies and other nasties out. And we now have a door from our dining room onto the kitchen courtyard so that residents can use this areas next year (to potter and grow kitchen herbs, help hang up the washing, or just relax. Exmouth Windows have been responsive and courteous, and a pleasure to work with.

Warbling at Rose Lodge…

Every Wednesday we take residents to the wonderful ‘Singing for the Brain’ circle which is expertly led the very energetic Glenda of the Alzheimer’s Society. Glenda mentioned that she sings in a choir and when offered we snapped up the opportunity for them to perform at Rose Lodge.

So today the Withycombe Warblers came to entertain the residents with a selection from their reportoire which we all greatly enjoyed. About half-way through the performance Tom came up behind the choir and quietly joined in (You can just see him in the first picture).

They are looking for additional singers – if you are interested please call choir leader Claire on 01363 866819.

Drains up!

While the residents are not making much use of the garden we (well actually Dave Skinner) are doing some groundwork. We are extending the car parking area and putting a gate in from the car park to the garden so residents can easily go out for a stroll from the garden, and Dave is laying new soil pipes in preparation for some more en-suites next year. He is also  laying new paths so we can construct a raised vegetable bed. Our vegetable growing has been very popular over the past couple of years but some of our resident find it hard to get to the vegetable garden and work in it. The new raised beds will be close to the terrace and have wheelchair access.  Being raised will help a number of our resident who find it hard to bend down. We are on a bit of a deadline to get it all ready for when the Beacon School pupils come back in spring to grow vegetables with the residents.


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It isn’t compulsary to have a sense of humour at Rose Lodge but it does help!