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Archive for December, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From all the residents and staff at rose Lodge.

It was wonderful to see so many family joining us today – thank you 1

How do you get 20 people to church ?

With a ot of  help!

Thank you Lynne, Pam, Angela, Corinne,Gemma, and especially Barry and the congregation of St John in the Wilderness for helping so many of the residents to enjoy the wonderful Carol Service today. Merry Christmas!

Thank you Harry!

Harry has been busy tidying up the kitchen courtyard this week. Having just installed a door from the dining room onto the courtyard, we had planned to tidy up the courtyard in spring so residents can use it to relax and grow some plants and herbs. Harry decided it could not wait untill spring so spent a couple of afternoons cleaning the pavement and planting out bulbs in the tubs that Mandy had kindly donated.  Followed by a nice cup of tea of course. Our Christmas raffle raised some eighty pounds and it looks like we will buy a nice new bench for the residents to enjoy.

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. For some, like Harry it is about being of service to those around him, and we are very fortunate for Harry to be such an active part of our community.

Three fairies…

Wel actually one fairy, one kitten,  a princess, and a couple of interlopers. At the pub quiz today..

Not really that serious!

A great turn-out to the special ‘Singing for the brain’ Christmas event at Brixington Church today, with six residents joining in. It was a lovely sociable afternoon and not at all as serious as this picture would suggest!