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Archive for September, 2011

Introducing our latest residents Sooty and Daisy

Two black rabbits were kindly donated to us today. They are called Sooty and Daisy, and they live in a nice big run so they can nibble the grass. They are quite tame so I suspect they will be quite popular with the residents. This brings our stock of animals to two cats, two chicken, two rabbits, and a budgie!

Dancing on the terrace

The weather was fantastic so we relaxed and danced as Simon played the guitar on the terrace.

A ramble on Woodbury common

The air was crisp as we walked around Woodbury castle and the common. We chanced upon some people flying their remote controlled airplanes and they were kind enough to show us their planes.

Doing the fire drill together

We exercised a fire evacuation today and decided to do it together with a few of the residents. They attended the fire briefing and then ‘hid’ in their room to be discovered and evacuated by staff. It was great fun to do the drill together in this way, and in a small way it helps to create a feeling of ‘living together’ rather than separating between the carers and the ‘cared fors’. As Rene likes to say “Well this is our home”.

A very curious letter

One of the realities of care homes is that when a Senior member of the team decides to join another home, that over time other members of staff decide to apply to join the other home. There isn’t much that you can do about this other than to make sure that your staff are happy working at your home, so their loyalty to the home overrides any personal loyalties.

So we were really surprised for our manager to receive this threatening letter from her previous employers PSP healthcare when she was approached by a couple of her previous colleagues about the possibility of working at Rose Lodge.

You would have thought that the Dewani family, owners of PSP Healthcare would not want to inivite the spotlight to be shone on their employment practices, given all the current publicity. But they did invite the spotlight, we accept their invitation.

We will not repond to these bully tactics other than to publish their letters on our webside and alert our contacts in the regional and national press should we received any further intimidating letters.