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Archive for July, 2011

Men against women….

in the pub-quiz today. The women won (of course!). It was the most wonderful fun, with residents, relatives, and staff all joining in. I think we’ll do staff and relatives against residents next week (the residents will win I’m sure!)

Drains up!

What started with a simple blocked toilet, ended up as a two-day exercise in excavating, cleaning out, and renovating a couple of inspection holes. It was all very entertaining for some of the residents….

And for my next move….

Ramblers turn into beach combers


It was such a great day, and so we ended up on the beach, looking for shells, feathers and interesting rocks. 

Being part of the community…

The Beacon School kindly invited us to the ‘passing out’ celebration service for their year 6 pupils at the Holy Trinity Church. The three ladies that joined the service enjoyed it tremendously and I was struck by how they remembered exactly what was expected of them – Including the bit where you doze off during the sermon – yes all three of them! I have been asked not to publish the photo but for the right money….

It left me somewhat emotional. For our residents to be invited to this  community event and be part of children’s life, is simply wonderful. We are immensely grateful to the Beacon School and how they have included us in their ‘family’. A truly outstanding school with great pupils and staff. We wish them all a fantastic holiday!