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…Those actors from Rose Lodge….

There was a retired professional actor in the audience at the theatre shows this weekend. After the show the approached the organiser Maslen George. “I am organising a little theatre tour and I wonder if those actors from Rose Lodge would like to join me on the tour”.   

Comments like these invite us to see our residents in a different light. We are so used to ‘caring for’ our residents that we have to remind ourselves sometimes of the wonderful talents that they have. I certainly would be terrified of going on stage, and watching them do this so confidently was an incredible experience. 

Listening to the wireless

Our chickens were being featured on BBC Radio 4 today in a programme called ‘Atilla the Hun’. So we gathered in the lounge to listen to the programme. Interestingly the radio really captured people’s attention, much more so than the television would. Perhaps this is because people remember sitting around ‘the wireless’ when they were younger, or perhaps it is because it is less confusing than a TV (there are only sounds to focus on, not sounds and pictures). Anyway it worked well and we will do this some more. Our chickens were duly mentioned, including the mess they are making of our raised beds. This weekend we will put a roof over their pen so that will help. Anyone who can help us clip their wings ?

Three Exeter care homes ‘not meeting standards’

As reported by BBC today

Three care homes in Exeter are not meeting quality and safety standards, a health watchdog has said.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) told Devon County Council it was concerned about Alphin House, Arthur Roberts House and Exebank Care Home (in Exmouth – our italics).

The watchdog said delays in treatment could be putting people’s health at risk while some practices undermined patient’s dignity.

The council said it accepted there were problems and was working to fix them.

The residential homes cater for older people with a range of needs, including dementia and mental illness.

‘Robust plans’

The CQC said that its inspectors, who visited the premises earlier in the year, found that not all staff showed residents respect.

Inadequate record keeping, staff arrangements and training for staff were also highlighted as concerns.

The council said that there could be no excuses and that it recognised the shortfalls, having identified many of them itself prior to inspections.

It said it had been in the early stages of putting new structures in place during the inspections.

Devon County Council said it accepted the inspectors’ reports and analysis of the services.

Malcolm Vede, assistant director for adult and community services, said the council was “determined to do better” for residents.

It added: “We have agreed robust improvement plans for each home with CQC, and we will be commissioning our own independent forensic inspection of the homes in the near future to make sure we’re getting it right.”

What a perfect show


A few of us outside the theatre

Mr Hespin and Maslen George on Stage

A jolly knees-up on stage

Miss Councell and Maslen George on stage

Well the theatre show at the Blackmore Theatre was a roaring succcess. A number of residents attended the performances on Saturday and Sunday, and two of our residents were on the stage delighting the audience on both days. It turns out that ‘being on stage’ is a bit like other experts skills such as singing, gardening, polishing shoes etc, in that people can retain those expert skills well into their dementia. Both our residents looked like fish in the water and were obviously enjoying themselves tremendously. Just look at these pictures! 

Curtains, lights, ACTION!

Two of our residents participated in the rehearsals for this weekend’s show at the Blackmore Theatre in Exmouth. It was pure magic!