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Archive for December, 2009

Rose Lodge revamps activities programme

Research has shown that a recurring activities programme can help people with dementia to orient themselves around the week. And of course this also makes it easier for friends and family to organise their diaries. So we have developed our activities programme for our communal activities around a recurring weekly pattern. Going forward the emphasis will be very much on making our activities very interactive, rather than passive.

Of course we will also continue with ad-hoc ‘activities’ as opportunities arise – Our tea parties and domino games are becoming quite popular, and we will continue to encourage our residents to get involved with ‘activities of daily living’ such as folding towels, helping with dish-washing etc. For many people who have worked hard all their lives, such activities can give them a sense of purpose and well-being.

Here is the weekly schedule for our communal activities:

MONDAYS 2 PM Physical activities
TUESDAYS 2 PM Manicures and massage
FRIDAYS 2 PM Piano playing
SUNDAYS 2 PM Rose Lodge Choir

Jackie Pool Associates rates Rose Lodge care ‘good’

In December we engaged a consultant from Jackie Pool Associates who are experts in person-centred and dementia care consulting and training. They rated our care practice as ‘good’ and over the next year they will provide extensive training and support to help us elevate our care practice to ‘excellent’.

They have also evaluated the physical environment at Rose Lodge and over the next year we will be making a number of changes to creat a more therapeutic environment.

Jackie Pool Assoicates can be found here:

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