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Outstanding Gold!

Good things come in twos, at least this year! Not only did we receive Gold Award from Sterling University DSDC, we also received OUTSTANDING rating from CQC!  Out of over 15,000 homes in England, over 8,000 homes were inspected and 43 are outstanding. 

As you can imagine we are delighted – this is the result of all the hard work by everyone over last few years! I am sure you will agree that Congratulations and Well Done everyone is in order. Thank you all for your hard work!

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Feeling at home means….

Reading a newspaper with your feet up across the sofa – perfect!


Pampering is good anytime and anywhere



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Peggy and Margaret on laundry duty

Mornings are always busy with walks, garden including daily chores – this time laundry. Thank you ladies!

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What a delightful weekend!

This was a surprising and a wonderful weekend – sunny, warm and still feeling like summer with everyone  enjoying the weather and the gardenimg_20160917_143210img_20160917_143134img_20160917_143128img_20160917_143202img_20160917_145058img_20160917_145010img_20160917_144958img_20160917_145119