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How very domesticated ….

setting tables, polishing cutlery, washing and drying,sweeping, reading together and talking,sorting out the flowers whilst having fun.


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Being yourself

We are all different and learn to get on with one another appreciating and respecting our different personalities and needs. Some of us enjoy other people’s company and also cherish our own personal space like Sybil, Harry, Reg, Betty. Others love to be in the middle of the action most of the time.Sybil amazingly quick with her beautiful knitting enjoyed talking to people and loved our afternoon music, at the same time enjoying her own space in the library. Harry and Reg devoured their books and papers, Betty cherished Tinker,  and all three listened to the music from comfortable distance. Perfect!

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Thursday was stunning, we are hoping for more of the same

What an amazing day it was – started very cold and frosty and moved on to sunny and even warm early spring day. I think almost everyone was out. As expected Ron was out in full force getting on with the garden!  Valerie, Coral and Janet fed the fish (they are very well fed fish indeed!), Jack posted his return audio books, Johanna showed off her modelling pose while on a walk, Joyce, Dennis, Peter, Joanna others that have not been captured enjoyed a brisk and refreshing stroll. Super

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IMG_20170119_150601 IMG_20170119_150603IMG_20170119_160032_210 IMG_20170119_154645

After a brisk walk……

a snooze is perfect whilst coffee/tea is being made. It was lovely to see Barbara joining our beach walkers this morning and upon return both Peter and Barbara felt a well deserved snooze was required …

IMG_1795 (1)

Welcome Sybil

Sybil joined our community in the Cottage yesterday afternoon and found our quiet lounge/library a perfect place to enjoy space, quiet whilst being able to see what is going on. Sybil is an amazing knitter and today enjoyed her first day getting to know people and the place. Welcome Sybil!

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