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Betty’s lunch

It makes a great morning getting together at the table chopping veg for lunch over tea and coffee



Don really loved a spot of gardening in the sun with Jon. We are getting there!

IMG_20170419_104832_1CS IMG_20170419_104753_3CS IMG_20170419_104747

A spot of sun and some gardening



Mark’s magic touch

We are very fortunate to have Mark with us. His wonderful sense of humour, friendliness are irresistible and get everyone joining in the fitness class. Hopefully it will be get warmer so that we can move the class outside!


IMG_20170420_154236 IMG_20170420_153024 IMG_20170420_152626_1CS IMG_20170420_151914

Angie was here again

Wonderful work on stylised trees and for Joan also Lucky. Super session.

IMG_20170419_142413 IMG_20170419_142341IMG_20170419_140301

IMG_20170419_140410 IMG_20170419_140256 IMG_20170419_140240 IMG_20170419_140213

IMG_20170419_135019 IMG_20170419_135005