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Outstanding Gold!

Good things come in twos, at least this year! Not only did we receive Gold Award from Sterling University DSDC, we also received OUTSTANDING rating from CQC!  Out of over 15,000 homes in England, over 8,000 homes were inspected and 43 are outstanding. 

As you can imagine we are delighted – this is the result of all the hard work by everyone over last few years! I am sure you will agree that Congratulations and Well Done everyone is in order. Thank you all for your hard work!

outstanding gold cobined

Welcome Jack

Wonderful conversationalist, wide range of interests, lots of interesting stories to share, loves art, well travelled, sociable, super smile – welcome Jack!

IMG_20160826_162931 IMG_20160826_162855

All hands on deck

in the garden enjoying the sun and morning coffee. We love summer!

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Finding your place

People in the cottage tend to settle down quickly and find their own place and role in our community. Peggy tends to take care of drying and washing. Peter on the other hand takes care of watering the garden. The days are busy and have meaning…

IMG_20160810_114512 IMG_20160810_111953 IMG_20160810_114900

Joan’s constant energy

Where does Joan find her energy, I wonder sometimes…. She seems to have more than I often do. Washing, drying, cleaning, laundry, walking, reading…….. What would we do without you Joan?

IMG_1305 IMG_1304

Soothing wool

Would is rather therapeutic I think and so sociable. It is easy to sit for ages winding the wool, chatting with others, having a rest over cup of coffee only to pick it up again

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