Live music to the left…..

…and live music to the right!

The Cottage and Lodge had their live music performances at the same time today which meant one performer was in the garden while the other performed inside the Cottage. Is there such a thing as too much music ? We think not.


Portrait of the week

Darling Jane insists that she isn’t posh. I beg to disagree.

Under the Pergola today, lodge residents were chatting and arranging flowers. Teddy Percival was enjoying himself I feel.

Walking Dougal

Dougal loves to go for a daily walk with her owner Marie who has been a resident for a couple of weeks now. Luckily we have lots of safe lanes around the back. Dougal sleeps for much of the rest of the day….

The finishing touches

Angie and Harry put the finishing touches to our community painting which is taking pride of place in ‘the Chapel’. I think it looks fantastic and really captures the essence of Exmouth. Getting everyone to work (play ?) together on this paining has been a great experience for all. Somehow I suspect this won’t be he last one….


Harry varnished a lovely sign hat reads ‘the Cottage’ to hang over the Cottage entrance. It turns out that moving Ian’s workshop into the garden is now encouraging some of our residents to work with him on various jobs.

Is he our handyman and our driver or is he part of our care team ?

Are the residents helping Ian or is Ian helping the residents ?

We are very happy to blur these strict demarcations – we call it ‘living in a community’.